We see injustice in society and blame the government.
Saying that such and such president shouldn't have been elected
for now
there's a rise in discrimination and prejudice.
We shed tears when seeing the situation in Palestine.
Question the existence of God when so much blood is shed on concrete ground.
Orphans eating grass to survive.
400 Muslims killed in Burma; a rising genocide.
Protesting for the sexually assaulted and murdered children in Pakistan.
We continued to rebel against the west.
But here we are, pointing fingers at everyone but ourselves.
Oh, if only we knew, how our sins are the fuel to the toxic hatred that roams this Earth.
How many children lost their parents because we disrespected ours?
All the haram food we consumed, for the rest to have starved?
All the salah we missed, were too distracted in, rushed and disregarded
...how many wars did we manifest from all of our remorseless action?
How many live in cardboard and metal boxes, when our houses are built on loans and mortgage?
How many were raped because of our temptations and desires?
Because "don't go near zina" wasn't a big enough warning to stay far from haram relationships.
Perhaps, Allah shows you the suffering of others to see how many of you were willing to have helped.
How many would spare a dime from their wealth.
How many would sacrifice their desires and increase in good deeds in secret and stealth.
But we didn't..
So with sin comes suffering.
And our fingers still stretch out to blame others;
floating in the air, lingering
Where is justice, where is peace..
our minds continuously question.


Ein jeder Engel ist schrecklich.